Research Interests

  • My research interests mirror my teaching interests: Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR), Cyber Threat Hunting, and Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

MSc Students : (Graduated)

  • Farah Tawfeeq, "Smartphone Web Applications Forensics", 2018
  • Haneen Alalami, Large-Scale Vulnerable Scanning for Jordan IoT Devices using Shodan", June 2017
  • Shifaa Tayseer, Botnet Behavior Detection using ML Techniques for SDN", June 2016
  • Hussein Rasheed, "Threat Hunting Using GRR Rapid Response", (P) June 2016
  • Hashem Al-Alaya, "PE File Classification"
  • Mohammad Allawi, "Data Exfiltration Detection System", June 2015
  • Suleiman Khitan, "Digital Forensics: Dissecting Malicious PDFs", May 2015
  • Yousef Saleh, "Social Engineering: The Unsolved Equation (Case Study)", December 2014
  • Raed Al-Quraan, "Anti-Censorship Traffic Classification: Detection and Prevention", 2014
  • Raghda Hraiz, "Intelligent Intrusion Detection System", 2014
  • Mariam Khader, "Hidden Communication: Covert Channel Based on Public Services", 2014
  • Alaeddin Almubayed, "Tor Fingerprinting Using Supervised Machine Learning", 2014

MSc Students : (In Progress)

  • Ala'a Shamlawi, research related to "Disk Wiping and PII Data", 2017-present
  • Fatima Yaseen, research related to "HDFS Security", 2017-present
  • Akram Barakat, "Threat Hunting in a MS Domain Environment", 2017-present
  • Nasser Al-Assaly, "NTFS Analyzer and Anomly Detector", 2015-present
  • Sobhi Al-Saede, research related to "Viber Forensics"

Other Research:

  • Adam and Nicholas, Threat Hunting Research, 2018 - present
  • Dr. Ghazi Naymat and Israa Al-Shammari, Research related to Hadoop File Carving, 2017 - present
  • Mariam Khader, Research related to Hadoop Profiling, (2016 to 2017), phase one done
  • Safaa Hraiz, "Btrfs Forensic Analysis"

BSc Students : (Graduated)

  • Sobhi Al-Hassan, "Koala: PDF Forensics Scanner", 2017
  • Ahmad Da'na, Musaab Abushanab, "BILA: Bro-IDS Logs Analyzer", 2016
  • Nadeem Ali, Abdullah Hussein, Rahaf Hindi, "Cyber Conan: Browser Forensicator", 2016

BSc Students : (In Progress)

  • None

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