• Koala Scanner, Koala scanner is mainly an online system for analyzing and scanning PDF files for suspicious indicators. The system could also be used to extract various PDF objects (ex: Images, JavaScript, URLs, etc), and detect phishing attempts too. 2017. Contributors: Ali Hadi and Sobhi Al-Hassan.

Books & Chapters



  • Covert Communication Using Port Knocking. Mariam Khader, Ali Hadi, Amjad Hudaib. Cybersecurity & Cyberforensics Conference 2016, Amman/Jordan.
  • Windows Forensic Investigations using PowerForensics Tool. Akram Barakat, Ali Hadi. Cybersecurity & Cyberforensics Conference 2016, Amman/Jordan.
  • Reviewing and Evaluating Existing File Carving Techniques for JPEG Files. Esra’a Alshammary, Ali Hadi. Cybersecurity & Cyberforensics Conference 2016, Amman/Jordan.
  • A Preliminary Analysis of Drive-by Email Attacks in Educational Institutes. Ja'far Alqatawna, Ali Hadi, Malek Al-Zwairi, Mariam Khader. Cybersecurity & Cyberforensics Conference 2016, Amman/Jordan.
  • Black Hat Asia 2015 Arsenal, Under Your Radar (UYR). Ali Hadi, Mariam Khader. Singapore, 2015

Speaks & Presentations



  • HTID, Hacking Techniques and Intrusion Detection, 2012

Articles & White Papers (English) - Before 2012

Articles & White Papers (Arabic) - Before 2011

  • CVE-2011-2462 Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader X Vulnerability, Security4Arabs, December 2011
  • Android Network Toolkit for Penetration Testing and Hacking, Security4Arabs, August 2011
  • Intrusion Detection for Your Network in Minutes, Security4Arabs, January 2011
  • No Minor Changes in the v2 of the PCI-DSS Standards, Security4Arabs, August 2010
  • BlindElephant the New Web Application Fingerprinter, Security4Arabs, August 2010
  • KeePass Your Password Safe, Security4Arabs, August 2010
  • Wireshark Usage Fundamentals, Security4Arabs, June 2010
  • DNS Enumeration using Metasploit, Security4Arabs, April 2010
  • Using Attack Toolkit for Simple Penetration Testing, Security4Arabs, April 2010
  • Is Your Browser Configuration Rare or Unique, Security4Arabs, April 2010
  • Hacked Again, Security4Arabs, April 2010
  • Cyber Criminal Advertising 1.5 Million Stolen Facebook Accounts for Sale, Security4Arabs, April 2010
  • Netsparker Web Application Security Scanner, Security4Arabs, April 2010
  • CTF from Offensive Security Hacking Tournament, Security4Arabs, April 2010
  • Howto use NeXpose from Metasploit to Perform an Attack, Security4Arabs, March 2010
  • Howto Solve msfpayload Null Byte Problem in Shellcode, Security4Arabs, March 2010
  • Howto Disable SSLv2 in IIS, Security4Arabs, March 2010
  • Deny Login to Single User Mode without Proper Authentication, Security4Arabs, March 2010
  • Adding a Password to Grub, Security4Arabs, March 2010
  • Dradis Effective Information Sharing, Security4Arabs, March 2010
  • Sending Payload using Unicorn Scanner, Security4Arabs, March 2010
  • Disabling Telnet Port on the Modem, Security4Arabs, March 2010
  • Nmap-5.20 Released with More than 150 Significant Improvements, Security4Arabs, February 2010
  • NeXpose Community Edition: a Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing Tool, Security4Arabs, February 2010
  • Nikto-2.1.1 Released, Security4Arabs, February 2010


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